Irrespective of which model you choose the unmistakable howl of a high-revving Radical engine on full throttle will prickle the hairs on the back of your neck. The source of that wonderful noise is our unique range of high-performance engines, assembled and built in-house since 1997.

We have developed our four-cylinder superbike powerplants to give drivers the experience of their lives - all of which give extreme, reliable power. These remarkable lightweight units have to withstand far greater cornering forces than they would on the road, so a dry sump and scavenge system has been developed which enables the motor to endure loadings as high as 3G.

The latest development of the RPV8 series is the most powerful, compact lightweight V8 on the market, and has been extensively developed for maximum reliability in extreme racing conditions. Over 300 RP units have been built to date, all benefiting from an F1 style crankcase design as well as MotoGP cylinder head technology. The engine also features four integral oil scavenge pumps, and it produces unrivalled levels of performance and reliability.

Any car in the range may be specified with the extraordinary PS1 electro-pneumatic paddleshift system, which enables incredible seamless gear shifts up and down the gearbox at the flick of a paddle. The combined autoblipper allows the driver to flat-shift on the way up through the gears, and downshift without using the clutch.

Here at Radical we also tune and optimise the Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder and V6 engines used in the SR3 SL and RXC, relying on our extensive experience with advanced engine management systems and forced induction. These refinements allow both cars to deliver incredible on-track performance whilst remaining Euro5 emissions compliant for road use.

Without question we produce the ultimate range of lightweight race units and when they are installed in any Radical chassis they create a package that’s literally unbeatable, and such is our confidence in their reliability we offer an extended warranty unmatched by any other manufacturer. Radical engines are also used in other race, rally, autograss, hillclimb and even watersport applications, including as the control engine supplier to the Latin American Super TC2000 touring car championship since 2012.

We are proud to be a technical partner with:


[tabhead]MACROBLOCK V8[/tabhead]

The RPV8 engine is a very high-power, lightweight V8 racing engine. The RP has been continuously developed since 2004 and is fully race-proven, with over 300 units manufactured to date. Amongst many successes, the RP unit has been used in our SR8 to smash the Nürburgring Nordschleife Production Car Lap Record, first in 2005 and again in 2009. 

The RPV8 Macroblock engine comprises Suzuki GSX-R Hayabusa cylinder heads, mounted to a dedicated dry-sump crankcase. A flat-plane steel billet crankshaft transmits power to the gearbox while a gear drive rotates the Formula One-specification scavenge pumps, twin oil supply pumps and the coolant pump. The latest-specification RPX 2.7 and RPS 2.9-litre variants incorporate GSX-R 1340cc cylinder head technology and specially-developed tuned inlets for optimum torque. 


72° V8 cylinder, 32-valve quad-cam
Steel flat plane crankshaft incorporates a high flow-rate oil system
Twin pump lubrication system
Four scavenge pump dry sump system
Rotary vane coolant pump
Pre-engaged starter motor
Belt-driven 55-amp McLaren Motorsport alternator


L 546mm x W 513mm x H 440mm
Dry Weight: 88kg (194lb)

Suzuki's acclaimed GSX-R series of engines are the basic building blocks of all Radical naturally-aspirated racing engines, incorporating state-of-the-art technology with an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio. 

The GSX-R 1340 Hayabusa is widely recognised as the world’s fastest production motorcycle, with a top speed of 194mph (312 km/h.) Distinctive features of the Hayabusa engine are its abundance of low-end torque and strength of the components, making it the ideal powerplant for four-wheel applications. 


L 480mm x W 530mm x H 640mm
Dry Weight: 70kg (154lb)

GSX-R 1340cc
Redesigned in 2008 from 1299cc to 1340cc, with a lighter, titanium valve train, higher compression ratio, and a new cam profile, this engine features:

Stronger gearbox
Race ported and polished cylinder head
Full range of Cosworth pistons available for standard and oversize options
Long-stroke crank and oversize barrel options
Optional dry sump system with new design high-volume oil scavenge pump

GSX-R 1500cc Generation 3

Standard fitment in the SR3 RSX, the 2015 GSX-R 1500cc Generation 3 short-stroke engine benefits from more mid-range power and torque for faster laps, at the same time delivering longer service intervals and improved efficiency.

The Generation 3 four-cylinder engine features a new larger-diameter stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold, bigger 45mm individual throttle body induction system and redesigned air box, including bespoke inlet trumpets tuned for optimum torque, power and response.

The benefits of this modern powerplant include an increased factory warranty from 40 to 45 hours. Radical remains the only manufacturer in the world that offers this level of comprehensive factory guarantee on all road and race engines. Other benefits include a reduction in high-frequency vibration, leading to smoother running characteristics and increased component longevity, particularly camshaft drivetrain. The RPE 1500 Generation 3 short stroke engines also produce lower levels of CO2, both in the manufacturing process and in running, through greater efficiency and reduced weight.

GSX-R Forced Induction
The GSX-R Hayabusa is the most popular donor bike engine for turbocharging. We have developed a multi-stage system designed for specific racing championship requirements. A Stage One system can be fitted without any engine work, and will produce 300bhp with around 6 psi of boost. Stage Two upgrades require engine modification which will produce 350bhp with 12psi of boost.


Radical was the first third-party manufacturer to begin tuning and development of the advanced, Euro6 emissions-compliant Ford EcoBoost turbocharged powerplants for use in its RXC Turbo and SR3 SL sportscars. Working closely with Ford of Europe and engine management partner Life Racing, we have a detailed understanding of the technology in these engines, featuring complex technology including stratified direct fuel injection, variable inlet and exhaust cam timing and fly-by-wire- throttle control.

EcoBoost 3.5 V6
The 3.5-litre, twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 develops 454bhp in its standard Radical installation whilst still meeting all of the criteria to satisfy EC Small-Series Type Approval. Radical has developed a unique dry-sump lubrication and bespoke cast intake manifold with an integral electronic throttle body. Up to 530bhp is achievable using the following Turbo 500 aftermarket kit:

  • Twin high-performance water-cooled Garrett GT28 turbochargers fitted with steel ball bearing cartridges, and specially designed anti-surge compressor housings
  • Radical-developed twin-phase wastegate actuators for precise boost control
  • New custom-designed heat shields fitted to reduce engine bay temperatures
  • 12 fuel injector system
  • Turbo plenum intake upgraded to contain an additional six high-performance Ford fuel injectors - to supplement the engine's six GDI injectors. The addition of these allows for secondary port injection that  proves fuel atomisation at higher engine speeds with increased flow rates
  • New high-flow Ni-Resist nickel alloy exhaust manifolds designed to improve the exhaust flow rate, providing maximum turbine speeds, reduced spool time and improving top end performance
  • New large-diameter motorsport-specification exhaust system, with improved flow rate
  • LIFE engine management system mapping upgrade optimised to the increased power output for ultimate performance and drivability

EcoBoost 2.0 Inline 4-Cylinder
The 2.0-litre EcoBoost has been developed by Radical for the SR3 SL open roadster, and is a compact and modern four-cylinder powerplant. With the same fuelling and engine management system as its bigger V6 brother it is the perfect low-maintenance trackday powerplant, especially so when partnered with our six-speed sequential transaxle and paddleshift system. Up to 300bhp is achievable through clever engine control, with the option of adjustable engine and gearbox mapping strategies.